Online multiplayer games and the growth of the online community

Millions of people from all over the world play online games every day on massive online gaming portals. With such a huge popular interest across the globe, online multilayer games have become incredibly popular and account for a large percentage of the total video games played worldwide. With this growing online community, there is an even greater demand for online browser games which promote player social interaction both in-game and outside of it in chat rooms.


Online games have become one of the best and most fun ways for people around the world to interact. With the internet, social media and smart-phones quickly shrinking the world, friends from all over the globe now want easy and fun ways to see each other across a thousand mile gap; multiplayer online games are a great way of eating up those miles. As the online community grows, such games are not just a place to meet up with, chat to and play against your mates on the other side of the world but they also allow people to make new friends with other players, often within the games themselves.


Such multiplayer online games can vary in their gameplay style, genre and graphical appearance. Some of the most popular browser multiplayer games are MMORPGs (massively multiplayer online role-playing games) which often put the player into a fantasy world as a character and the player is then free to play as they wish, interacting with thousands of other characters, themselves real players, within the game world. Often this will involve carrying out game quests as teams or guilds, where human players may work together to defeat a computer controlled opponent or another group of human players. This detailed level of social interaction within the online game is what make MMORPGs so popular amongst gamers.


This ever expanding social community of online gamers is benefiting from the current trend toward sites offering loads of free online games to gather a large fan-base. Many of these sites provide all their online games for free allowing players to easily connect with each other and enjoy the games without having to worry about buying the latest update or bit of downloadable content. As free online games become more popular, it seems inevitable that the vast community of players who interact via multiplayer online games and the gaming world will be able to do so even more freely.